About Us


Mid South Music Records and Entertainment™ is an established award winning music group with more than 20 years of experience in producing, promoting, radio and booking and has been nominated for numerous awards past and present.

Mid South Music Records and Entertainment™ today consists of a major record label, its own radio promotion department, booking department, music production, merchandising department, video and photography staff, music magazine and a major physical record distribution deal that provides more than 300 brick and mortar stores such as Walmart, Best-Buy, Target, F.Y.E., Barnes & Noble and many more.

We work and have worked with Award winners and nominees (Academy Awards, Grammy, ASCAP, BMI, Independent Awards) of the music, film and radio industry!

Mid South Music Records and Entertainment™ also offers external services for unsigned artists such as Video Production, Music Production, Studio Servcies, Radio Promotion, Artist Development Programs, Merchandise and much more.